The Burbank Trumpet continues the story–and the sound–of brassmaking icons.

Burbank Trumpets represent many of the best characteristics of trumpet and flugelhorn design from the early twentieth century to the present. Famous for their response and playability, Burbank Trumpets are 100% U.S.A. hand-crafted to order for today's discerning brass players.

The Burbank Trumpet


Considered by professional players to be one of the finest trumpets in the world, the Burbank's design was engineered more than 50 years ago by Elden Benge, a professional musician and passionate brass craftsman.

Irving R. Bush Mouthpieces


Trumpet and flugelhorn players throughout the world have realized the need for a precision-built, custom mouthpiece. Each Bush mouthpiece has been scientifically designed to produce an optimal tone. 



We offer a selection of accessories, including mutes for practice or performance, Spyder Stands for an easy-to-pack place to park your horn, and top-quality oils and mouthpiece disinfectants.