Trumpet players throughout the world have realized the need for a precision-built, custom mouthpiece. Each Bush mouthpiece has been scientifically designed to produce an accurate qualitative trumpet tone. Every model was extensively tested for intonation, ease of response, flexibility and individual lip comfort. All mouthpieces are measured for exactness using state of the art equipment. Years of research and testing have resulted in brass mouthpieces of superb excellence.

The cup diameter is offered in several sizes, and the cup depths range from very deep to shallow. Corresponding cup diameters are identical and can be interchanged with different cup depths. Interchanging cup depths has proved advantageous for players who perform more than one type of music; also for players who perform on C, D, Eb, E, G and piccolo trumpets.

The S cup mouthpieces are designed to produce a big symphonic tone. The number 1 and number 2 cups are designed to produce a big tone with more brilliance. The 3D cup is designed as an all-purpose mouthpiece. The shallower cups ( 3) are noted for their brilliant tone quality without sacrificing the low register. There is a Bush Mouthpiece designed for every playing situation.

About Irving R. Bush

Irving Bush (1930–2009) has been associated with nearly every phase of the music profession. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he received his BA and MA degrees, cum laude, from California State University, Los Angeles. He has played with many name bands and orchestras including Dave Rose, Nelson Riddle and Harry James, and for three years was Nat "King" Cole's personal first trumpet player.

He has performed for many motion picture studios including 20th Century Fox, MGM, Columbia, Disney, Universal, Paramount and Warner Brothers Pictures. He has played on recordings with Nat "King" Cole, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, George Shearing, Sarah Vaughan, Barbara Streisand and many others. In the symphonic area, he has recorded with the Columbia Broadcasting Symphony, Igor Stravinsky conducting and recordings by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra with Zubin Mehta, Carlo Giulini, Erik Leinsdorf, Michael Tilson Thomas, Andre Previn and Leonard Bernstein.

Mr. Bush has published numerous articles on trumpet related subjects and is author of "Artistic Trumpet Technique and Study." He also has been design and research consultant for several trumpet manufacturers. Mr. Bush served for many years on the faculty of the University of Southern California and California State University, Los Angeles.

Irving had a subtle sense of humor which he shared mostly with his colleagues. The reverse side of his business card read: ‘There are two sides to a trumpeter’s personality—there is the one that lives only to lay waste to the woodwinds and strings, leaving them lying blue and lifeless along the swath of destruction that is a trumpeter’s fury; then there is the dark side.’

Who’s Playing Bush

Pete Estabrook Jazz Studio Department, Santa Rosa College, Santa Rosa, California

Tom Stevens LA Philharmonic

Rob Roy McGregor LA Philharmonic

Boyd Hood LA Philharmonic

Glenn Fischthal San Francisco Symphony

Manny Laureano Minnesota Orchestra

Peter Masseurs Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam

John Berringer Jr. Freelance trumpet player, Orange County, California

Otavio Nestares Freelance player in big band jazz, commercial and orchestra, Brazil

Tony Ellis Freelance, Brea, California

John Wild San Diego Symphony, San Diego, California

Bob O’Donald TV, motion pictures, recording artist, Hanna Barbara Studios

Tom Scott Band director, educator, freelance trumpet player

Stan Watkins Freelance trumpet artist (Natalie Cole, Brian Setzer, Barry Manilow, Steve Laurence)

Paul Bogosian Freelance (Don Ellis, Tito Puente, Lionel Hampton, Ray Anthony), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John MacFerran Wilds Formerly New Mexico Symphony and Mississippi Symphony, currently with the San Diego Symphony

Tony Ellis Freelance trumpet player, Orange County, California


All Bush mouthpieces: MSRP $95.00

Lettering and numbering system for Bush mouthpieces

M – Medium wide cup
W – Wide cup
WX – Very wide cup
WX-A, B, C – Bowl-shaped cup, symphonic cup
WXT – V-shape cup
P – Piccolo trumpet
F – Flugelhorn cup
S – Very deep cup
1 – Deep cup
2 – Medium deep cup
3D – Medium cup
3 – Shallow cup
4 – Very shallow cup

Trumpet Mouthpieces

Model Number Throat Size Cup Depth Cup Diameter
WX-S #27 Very deep 43/64"
WX-S/C** #25 Very deep 43/64"
WX-1 #27 Deep 43/64"
WX-2 #27 Medium deep 43/64"
WX-3D #27 Medium 43/64"
WX-A* #27 Very deep 43/64"
WX-B* #27 Deep 43/64"
WX-C* #27 Medium deep 43/64"
W-S #27 Very deep 42/64"
W-S/C** #25 Very deep 42/64"
W-1 #27 Deep 42/64"
W-2 #27 Medium deep 42/64"
W-3D #27 Medium 42/64"
W-3 #27 Shallow 42/64"
M-2 #27 Medium deep 41/64"
M-3D #27 Medium 41/64"
M-3 #27 Shallow 41/64"
M-4 #27 Very shallow 41/64"

*Symphonic Cup Mouthpieces (WX-A WX-B, WX-C): these mouthpieces are similar to our WX series, except the cup is more bowl shaped and has more undercut. Larger throat sizes available as a special order.

**For C Trumpet

WXT Series

V-shape Cups for Trumpet

Model Number Throat Size Cup Depth Cup Diameter
WXT-B2 #28 Very deep 43/64"
WXT-B3 #28 Deep 43/64"
WXT-4B4 #28 Medium deep 43/64"
WXT-B5 #28 Medium shallow 43/64"

Cornet Mouthpieces


All trumpet mouthpiece models are available for cornet. Corresponding numbers have exactly the same rim and cup size.

Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpieces (Cornet Shank)

Model Number Throat Size Cup Depth Cup Diameter
WX-1/P #27 Deep 43/64"
WX-2/P #27 Medium deep 43/64"
WX-3D/P #27 Medium 43/64"
WX-A/P* #27 Very deep 43/64"
WX-B/P* #27 Deep 43/64"
WX-C/P* #27 Medium deep 43/64"
W-S/P #27 Very deep 42/64"
W-1/P #27 Deep 42/64"
W-2/P #27 Medium deep 42/64"
W-3D/P #27 Medium 42/64"
W-3/P #27 Shallow 42/64"
M-2/P #27 Medium deep 41/64"
M-3D/P #27 Medium 41/64"
M-3/P #27 Shallow 41/64"
M-4/P #27 Very shallow 41/64"

*Symphonic Cup Mouthpieces (WX-A/P WX-B/P, WX-C/P): these mouthpieces are similar to our WX series, except the cup is more bowl shaped and has more undercut. Larger throat sizes available as a special order.

New Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpieces

Smaller throat, slightly smaller backbores

Model Number Throat Size Cup Depth Cup Diameter
WXP-2 #28 Deep 43/64"
WP-2 #28 Medium 42/64"
MP-2 #28 Shallow 41/64"

Flugelhorn Mouthpieces

Model Number Throat Size Cup Depth Cup Diameter
WX-F-Y #19 Very deep 43/64"
WX-F-C #19 Very deep 43/64"
W-F-Y #19 Deep 42/64"
W-F-C #19 Deep 42/64"
M-F-Y #19 Medium deep 41/64"
M-F-C #19 Medium deep 41/64"

Inside Cup Diameter Cross Reference

Cup Inch Millimeter
WX 43/64” 17mm
W 42/64” 16.75mm
M 41/64” 16.12mm

Mouthpiece Comparison Chart

(Use as a starting point reference—slight differences may exist)

Bush Model Bach Model Schilke Model
WX-S 1C, 1-1/4C 19
WX-1 1-l/2C 19C
WX-2 1D 14B
WX-3D 1E 14A4A
WX-A IC, 1-l/4C 19D
WX-B 1-l/2C 19
WX-C 1D 19B4
W-S 2C, 5C 16C4
W-1 3C, 7C 16C4
W-2 7D 16B
W-3D 7E 16A
W-3 7F 13A
M-2 10-1/2C 7C4
M-3D 10-1/2D 7B4
M-3 10-1/2E 7A4
M-4 N/A N/A